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We offer you a new, effective, fun and sustainable product over time, there is no other like it on the market, which covers so many sectors and sports in a single device.

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Advantages and benefits of our functional balance

DRYSURF Training System and our Functional Balance, apart from being used as an independent activity for any level of physical preparation, group classes can be carried out even if they have different levels, thanks to our cardio vascular program, it adapts to all the activities of a Gym, Well, every sporting activity needs to have a developed proprioception, such as (Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Rhythmic Gymnastics ...) or as a complement to any type of physical activity, be it lower body or upper body.

Fresh, innovative, different product and with a fully tested training system, which offers the athlete a physical preparation at all levels (professional or amateur).

Adaptable to any sport and public (from children to the elderly), based on preventive medicine and postural hygiene of any exercise performed in the Functional Balance (which can be any exercise performed on the ground with the benefits of Balance instability) .

  • It transmits unique , funny and instantaneous sensations, which makes the client have the need to repeat, also in the short and long term, since a considerable physical evolution is noted.

  • Our Functional Balance, unlike others, increases the range of mobility in the 4 axes (bow, stern, starboard and port) and consequently increases the sensations and the number of exercises to be executed.

  • Unlimited , in terms of exercises to be executed, all regular floor exercises in Balance increase your performance

  • Versatile , you can do jumps, pushes, pulls, throws, catches, hits, stretches, sit-ups, rubber bands, ball hoops, paddles ...

  • Multifunctional , usable for a good number of physical activities

  • Adaptable to the characteristics and evolutionary moment of each client, from children to adults

  • Aesthetic , it has a design that motivates and makes the user wonder about its possibilities

  • Easy and minimal maintenance , due to the characteristics of the product

  • Eco-friendly , made with noble materials without any risk or environmental footprint and does not consume electricity.

  • Low cost , compared to the performance obtained, the quality of manufacturing materials and product warranty

  • Without competition , because with our Functional Balance you can perform the exercises that are performed with other devices, however the competition cannot perform what our Functional Balance allows due to its wide platform and its instability system, giving a very different response to existing pneumatic systems on the market

  • It favors the adaptation of sports in extreme conditions

  • Improves general health and allows to be adaptable to many balance situations

  • Avoid injuries with good posture by strengthening all the muscles

  • Neural stimulation because our brain corrects and memorizes each movement, thus automatically mechanizing the exercise practiced in each sport.

  • Proprioception is the most important feature of our training method, to obtain optimal concentration and take control of your body.