Drysurf Training System

Expand your knowledge as Personal Training!

What course is for me?

1.0 Instructor

The Drysurf Instructor course for its content and development,  functional training fused with proprioception  And it can be done by physical education teachers, physiotherapists, personal trainers, sports instructors of any activity and fitness monitors, which is why it is very interesting for anyone dedicated to the physical preparation of any sport. 

2.0 Instructor Trainer

The Drysurf Instructor Trainer course is focused on professionals who want to teach our methodology in their centers and / or professionals who want to open a Drysurf Center so that they can also train Official Drysurf Instructors at the same time 

Course 1.0 instructor
200 € 

  • The courses are made minimum / maximum for groups of 6 people.

  • The duration of the courses is 12 hours divided into 3 sessions of 4 hours

  • The price of the course is € 200 person.