Proprioception fused with functional training

Our Functional Balance, perhaps the best proprioception tool, due to its broad base, allows us to carry out important functional trainings and adapt them to all sports.


improve your proprioception and   prevents or recovers injuries




It is a work system designed and analyzed to prepare and protect the specific musculoskeletal system for the effort that each sport demands and thus avoid unnecessary injuries as much as possible.


Based on proprioception , reactivation of maximum muscle fibers simultaneously and in turn doing cardiovascular work with the benefits of Balance.

This method helps to acquire adequate physical-technical preparation and avoid injuries by activating Neural Stimulation , since the brain corrects and memorizes each movement.

proprioceptive functional training
What sport do you play?

It allows us to run functional training for all kinds of sports, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Martial Arts, Surfing. Paddle, Snow, Sky, Skateboard etc ... and adapt it to Fitness or activities such as Yoga and Pilates with the advantages of Functional Balance and our methodology based on proprioception and postural hygiene:


Neuronal stimulation , as our brain corrects and memorizes each movement, thus automatically mechanizing the exercise practiced in each sport.


Proprioception , very important in any type of training, as it is the form of communication of our nervous system, to send orders on how to contract the ligaments and thus be able to avoid injuries by protecting our joints.

Postural hygiene , In each exercise we take care that only the muscles that we need to work are worked without damaging other muscles or what concerns us the most with the joints.

Surf -fitness-rehabilitation

Our Functional Balance , allows us to:

  • Use it as a rehabilitation and injury recovery tool.

  • Execute functional training for all kinds of sports

  • Adapt it to Fitness or Yoga and Pilates with the advantages of Functional Balance.

Surf Schools / Surfcamp

Gyms and Fitness

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinics

Functional balance



Minimum rental one week

 gym and  centers  sports


Minimum rent for one month

It is only rented to individuals in the Canary Islands

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